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Pardall Carnival

Pardall Carnival is an event that offers free games, rides, food, and prizes to all members of the Isla Vista community. The goal is to bring together the students and families of the community as well as promote Associated Students and work on recruitment. IVCRC wishes to inspire community collaboration and celebration. For more information about Pardall Carnival please contact IVCRC.


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Winter Wonderland With IVCRC

Living in California we do not experience evident seasonal changes, our main goal with this event is to bring winter to Isla Vista! We provide an engaging space for lights, food, and music to unite IV residents and celebrate the Holidays. There will be hot chocolate and snacks as well as real-life snow!


IV Week

We are holding this week long event to celebrate the different parts of culture in Isla Vista. It will be held April 17th-21st. Tuesday the 17th we will be volunteering at Pescadero Lofts hosting a meal for the residents as well as an interactive event. We will also be fundraising for Showers of Blessing Thursday the 19th, where you will be able to purchase IVCRC stickers for $1 and pie our members for a good cause. Friday the 20th we will be hosting a soccer game with local Isla Vista elementary school students and our UCSB mens club soccer team at the local YMCA. Lastly we are hosting a carnival at the Isla Vista YP with games, activities, prizes and food vouchers that will be catered to IV families.  During the course of this week we hope to highlight the many communities we have living within Isla Vista that are often overseen. IV week will create a communal atmosphere for all Isla Vista residents to enjoy. For more information about IV Week please contact IVCRC.