“The connectivity that defines this event shines through not only its attendees but also its planners,” IVCRC Internal Chair Yiu-On Li said.
“Anisha Kandala, Vice Chair, puts it another way: ‘Students in Isla Vista create a vibrant and lively atmosphere, but many of the long-term residents of Isla Vista are easily overlooked in such a community… Having events geared to all ages and backgrounds fosters a greater sense of community and allows for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the individuals around us.'”
“According to Allina Mojarro, Associated Students community education outreach coordinator and staff advisor for Isla Vista Community Relations Committee (IVCRC), the event has been long-awaited, as COVID-19 left it unable to occur for the past two years.”

“IVCRC members emphasized the importance of making the event a family-friendly event open to both UCSB students and local residents in Isla Vista, since long-term residents can go overlooked in the chaos of the college town.”