Committee Responsibilities

The Isla Vista Community Relations Committee connects UC Santa Barbara students with long-term residents of Isla Vista, and vice versa. We are also responsible for the education of campus and student communities regarding issues within Isla Vista and Santa Barbara County.

IVCRC accomplishes these missions by serving as a funding and planning source for projects that promote community relations. In other words, we give money to people and organizations so that they can do cool stuff with it. Projects we fund and plan must include non-student residents in Isla Vista, so events and programs cannot only be open to students.

We come up with our own events too—at least one per non-summer quarter. These include Pardall Carnival (the one with the Ferris wheel) and IV Week (a week of mini-events).

Our relevant affairs include safety, police/community relations, landlord/tenant relations, emergency and vehicle access in Isla Vista, parking, and county/university funding for Isla Vista programs and services. IVCRC also collaborates with the Office of the External Vice President for Local Affairs (EVPLA).

Isla Vista Community Improvements Lock-in

It is the responsibility of IVCRC to oversee the distribution of the Isla Vista Improvements Lock-In funds. This fund was established to facilitate community programs. By providing financial, technical, and administrative support for student initiated and/or non-profit community services, the funds seek to better the living environment of students, families, and residents living in Isla Vista.