Meet the Committee



Christina Shum

Internal Chair

Arcadia, California

Fourth-year Biological Sciences major

Fun Fact: I travel places specifically for their food.


Tracy Smith

Vice Chair

Los Angeles, California

Third-year Sociology major

Fun fact: I’ve danced with Justin  Bieber

Danny Do


Anaheim, California

Fourth-year Biological Science major

Fun Fact: I’m the best snack picker in all of IV

Skyler Silverio

Events Coordinator

Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Fourth-year Applied Statistics major

Fun Fact: I know all of the lines from Lilo and Stitch

Nicole Tan

Arts and Culture Commissioner

Anaheim, California

Third-year Sociology major with an Art minor

Fun Fact: I had a pet flying squirrel

Yara Khamis

Publicity Coordinator

Monterey, California

Second-year Political Science major

Fun Fact: I am 4 foot 11 inches, so I am certifiably a nugget


Josue Mendez

Community Outreach Coordinator

Lawndale, California

Third year undeclared

Fun fact: I look forward to breakfast every night before bed.

Besart Mujeci

Special Project Coordinator

Los Angeles, California

Third-Year Economics and English double major

Fun Fact: I sleep talk sometimes gibberish sometimes whole conversations

Elaine Lasquety

Graphic Design Coordinator

Eastvale, California

Second-Year, Global Studies major with TMP and an art minor

Fun Fact: Closeted K-Pop fan (No shame)

Katrina Nicado

Recruitment Chair

Temecula, California

Third-year Global Studies major

Fun fact: I snort when I laugh too hard


Sydney Karmes-Wainer

Social Media- Coordinator 

Los Angeles, California

Second-year Communication major

Fun Fact: I love international Music