Meet the Committee



Jennifer Kim

External Ch30499747701_3df764e94d_oair

Sonoma County, California

Third year Psychology Major; Education Minor

Fun Fact: I broke my arm a few years ago by falling off my roof

“One of my favorite memories in IV was the end of my first year of college. My friends and I had an end of the year picnic at People’s Park at sunset and it was the perfect, bittersweet ending to my first year.”


Tai Kang

30551274416_9604b457d1_oInternal Chair

Riverside, California

Fourth year Sociology Major

Fun Fact: I love churros

“Favorite IV memory… learning how to bike in IV with no hands and not falling.”


Connie Lin

Vice Chair

Alameda, California

Fourth year Communications Major

Fun fact: Obama follows me on twitter

“Spontaneous late night ocean swim with friends while sick AF”


Lauren Lim

Events Coordinator

Thousand Oaks, California 

Fourth year Global Studies and French Double Major

Fun Fact: I hate the word “moist.”

“Sprinting barefoot down the hot asphalt streets in IV to go floating in the ocean with friends over the summer. Feet were burning but swimming in the water made it worth it!”


Naomi Patton

30551263556_1718ced446_oArts and Culture Commissioner

Rohnert Park, California

Fourth year Art and Communication Major

Fun Fact: I have a collection of hour glasses- all different shapes and sizes and colors

“For an art class we got every single person in the class to hold onto one piece of yarn and made it reach from Embarcadero hall to DP.”


Ciara Klerekoper

Publicity Coordinator

San Diego, California

Third year Economics and Psychology Double Major

Fun Fact: I chipped my front tooth trying to ride my bike with no hands

“My favorite IV memory would have to be from this past summer. We met random people rafting and they let us ride their jet skis.”


Christina Shum

Community Outreach Coordinator

Arcadia, California

Third year Biology Major (Pharmacology)

Fun fact: I’m trilingual

“Living on Oceanside DP and waking up to the sound of the waves.”


Jackie Carter


Riverside, California

Second year Film & Media Studies Major; Asian American Studies Minor

Fun Fact: I’ve met Jordan Clarkson from the Lakers

“One of my favorite memories in IV was when I would get Blenders after class with my suitemates last year. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s such a nice feeling to have friends you live with that you can always rely on to have a good time regardless of what you do together.”


Andy Landaverde


Culver City, California

Fourth year