Table of Contents

  1. Is my project eligible for funding?
  2. How long will it take for my funding to arrive?
  3. How do I apply for funding?
  4. What happens after I present?
  5. If I get funding, is there anything else I need to do?

Is my project eligible for funding?

Before submitting a funding request, please verify that your event or program meets the following criteria:

Your Project

  • You are part of a Registered Campus Organization (RCO), campus department, or nonprofit.
    • If you are not part of one of these three, you can use a fiscal sponsor to qualify for funding.
  • Your event educates and/or enriches the Isla Vista community.
  • Your event can be categorized into the charge of the committee.
  • Your event is located in Isla Vista.
    • Santa Catalina Residence Hall, or FT, is not in Isla Vista.

Your Items

  • The line items in your budget are clearly defined (no “miscellaneous” costs).
  • You are not requesting more than $750 for food.
    • If you need more, you can request a one-time exception for food once per academic year. This exception must come from AS Finance & Business Committee, and you must fill out an application and present at one of their meetings to request this exception—visit their website for more information.
  • You are not requesting funding for costumes, gifts, prizes, or makeup.


  • Submit your funding request no later than 24 hours before our next general meeting to get a hearing and a vote at that meeting.
    • If you do not submit in time for our final general meeting of the quarter, you must wait until next quarter.
  • Your request asks for everything you need for your project.
    • For example, if you’re collaborating with another organization, you can’t split your project into two requests and have each organization present one piece of it. We need to hear everything about your project at the same time.
  • The profits generated by your event will not be distributed to individual committee members or to the committee as a whole.
  • If the main purpose of your event is fundraising for a charitable donation, the amount you are requesting from IVCRC is no more than the amount you expect to raise and donate to your respective charity.

How long will it take for my funding to arrive?

If we approve your request, funding may take up to two months (normally two weeks) to arrive due to delays brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please keep this expected wait time in mind and plan accordingly.

How do I apply for funding?

After reviewing the previous two sections, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Funding Request form.
  2. Come to our next meeting, held on Wednesdays at 8pm via Zoom, and present your project (we’ll email you the meeting link once you complete your application). You may come with a set of slides prepared if you wish, but please keep your presentation to around 5 minutes. We’ll then spend another 5 minutes asking questions.

What happens after I present?

We’ll notify you of our decision within 48 hours of your presentation, via email. If we approve your request, we’ll ask you to provide some personal contact information, such as an address and a phone number, so that we can send you your funding. Additionally, you’ll need to review and sign a Funding Agreement, which outlines requirements for spending IVCRC grants.

If I get funding, is there anything else I need to do?

If funded, you are to give visible recognition to IVCRC by printing or otherwise including the IVCRC logo on your project’s clothing and promotional materials. Additionally, all of your advertisements should be printed through AS Publications unless there is a valid reason to use another printing company.

At the end of your project, you’ll need to fill out a Follow-up Report. This lets us know how your project went, whether your spending differed from your original plan, and what we can do to improve the funding process in the future. We’ll send you more details about this along with our initial decision notification.

The deadline for the follow-up report is set one week after the project end date that you specify in the funding request form. If you find that you need more time to complete the follow-up report, please suggest a new deadline and we’ll send you a Funding Extension form.