Funding Process

  1. Funding Deadlines
  2. Funding Criteria
  3. Application Instructions
  4. The Funding Process

Funding Deadlines

If you’re group is requesting less than $500, your application must be submitted no later than two weeks before your event.

***Effective Fall Quarter 2016***
For requests greater than $500, please contact us via email.

Funding Criteria

Before applying for a funding request, please verify that your event meets the following criteria (please note that failure to follow these rules can result in not receiving funding):

  • Your event educates and/or enriches the Isla Vista community.
  • You have an Associated Students account.
  • Your event is located in Isla Vista (note: Santa Catalina Residence hall is not in Isla Vista).
  • The line items in your budget are clearly defined (no “miscellaneous” costs).
  • You are not requesting more than $500 for food.
  • You are not requesting funding for costumes, gifts, prizes, or makeup.
  • The profits generated by our event will not be distributed to individual committee members or to the committee as a whole.
  • If the main purpose of our event is fundraising for a charitable donation, the amount we are requesting from IVCRC is no more than the amount we expect to raise and donate to our respective charity.
  • If funded, we are able to give visible recognition to IVCRC by printing the IVCRC logo on our events’ posters/banners/shirts/etc.
  • All of our advertisement will be printed through Associated Students Publications, unless there is a valid reason to use another printing company.

Application Instructions

After reviewing the funding criteria, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the funding request application.
  2. Come to the next meeting following the completion of your application(held on Mondays at 7pm in the Pardall Center)
  3. Please bring to your presentation eight printed copies of:
  • An itemized budget
  • The funding application

The Funding Process

You will be notified of the committee’s decision within one week of your presentation, via email.

If your request is approved, funds will be transferred into your AS account within two weeks of your notification.

Once funds have been transferred into your AS account, the account signers must fill out requisition forms in order to obtain your funds.